“An Entrepreneurial Approach”

“Showcasing skills and an entrepreneurial approach, Fabio Pacheco solely brought to us FAB Hospitality & Promotions, who are available to work in collaborations with top agencies and suppliers of products for the hospitality industry in London. Whether you are a public figure to one of the most sought-after audiences, but determined would like to raise his product's profile by partnering with us for a series of Civic Events in Brighton, named #BRIGHTONJEWRY250”



“Going Above and Beyond”

“I've worked with Fabio for the past couple of years; he has assisted on my theatrical projects as both a promoter and host of BOYLEXE. He's been nothing except brilliant, going above and beyond to help make these events magic with his attention to detail, professionalism, care, and consideration. I highly recommend working with him."



“100% Recommend”

“If you want an event well managed and done thoroughly, Fabio is your man. 100% recommended. He will take all your headaches away and just sort it."


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