About Us

FAB Hospitality & Promotions launched as a result of the experience we gained after a decade of working in the food and beverage industry, in several A-list venues across London’s West End and Mayfair. Displaying our creative flair and interpersonal skills, we rapidly developed confidence based on good relationships with employers, inspirational mentors, and friends, some of whom are themselves respected network chairmen, fundraisers, and volunteer directors of charities.

A Creative Influence

At FAB Hospitality & Promotions, we have partnered and collaborated with music artists and professionals of the creative industries, including those affiliated to the Brazilian community in London. We are registered and endorsed by the Brazilian Embassy and are now regularly featuring on its event calendar, through live performances and also via Brazilian TV channels and local media.

Our Website

As you navigate through our website, you will often find links that lead through to third-party pages. This enables us to easily showcase our work without breaching copyright infringements or loss of personal data. It shares our collaboration on promotional campaigns and brand recommendations and also gives you the chance to benefit from VIP invitations to nightclubs, professional network meet-ups, and charity fundraising events that are close to our heart. You are also able to take advantage of extra benefits, such as competitions, discounts, and prizes offered through our advertisers and affiliate companies.

Our Pledge

As is our commitment to facilitating your search for venue hire, and as a party organiser, we are always up-to-date with the latest events organisations. This helps to speed up the process of responding to your enquiries regarding our concierge and events planning facilities.

Meeting Your Requirements

Combining attention to detail and a flexible, friendly approach, our services focus to anticipate our client’s needs as we create, host, and promote any special event, regardless of its size, budget, or location, with the same personal level of commitment and confidentiality.

Concierge Services

The concierge service we offer facilitates access to a wide range of events organisers and sales platforms, targeting luxurious, diverse, and international communities and their VIP members. This also caters towards nightclubs, restaurants, and VIP parties around Mayfair, Soho, the City of London, and beyond, including Brighton and Hove, throughout the year.

Our Relocation

Even though we have recently relocated, and are now based in Brighton, we still bring the same expertise to the ever-buzzing Sussex Coast and often engage with our #FAB members in London with the same loyalty. We’re always able to be hired subject to our availability.

Get in touch with us, in Hove, East Sussex, to get started with our event promotion team.

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